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Welcome Back

JULY 20, 2018 | Welcome back. To me. To you. I finally recovered my website after a few years, dusted it off and tried to make it better than ever. There’s a lot going on in our lives right now and I’d love to be able to keep friends and family updated. Also I am yearning for the chance to write again. Hence, the blog.

My mind is most often jumbled. And that is where the madness comes from. Some of my favorite authors have had much to say about madness and life, love, literature. Which is where the quotes on the home page come from. Life would not be good if it were not messy. So this is the shortest entry I will probably write because I’m terrible at introducing myself and anything I write.

But I will say this. Join me down the rabbit hole and I hope you’ll find a piece of yourself in the things I write. A bit of love. A lot of laughter. And a spark of madness.